Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I require gym management software?

A gym management software is a specially designed application which helps you manage your fitness centre seamlessly. The software is aimed to automate a wide range of business processes including marketing, bookings, payments, memberships & access control so that you can utilize your time in doing things that are productive rather than managing your gym manually on a register.

Is AdviceFit’s gym management software an online or offline software?

AdviceFit is an online cloud-based gym management software. For using it, you do not require a special server or setup. All the information and data you provide gets automatically stored on a secure server. This information and data can be accessed from any device with the internet in it.

Why do I have to renew AdviceFit’s subscription every year instead of one-time payment?

AdviceFit is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based gym management software. This means you are not purchasing a product but subscribing to a service that will help you automate your fitness business. Using services of a product is quite different in comparison to a product where you pay a one-time set up fee and purchase the license to use it.

Can I pay a subscription on a monthly basis?

Currently, we do not provide subscriptions on a monthly basis. Our software comes with yearly subscription packages only.

Does the software support biometric devices?

Yes, AdviceFit gym management software supports biometric devices so that gym owners can integrate both staff and members’ attendance data with their fitness software. As of now, AdviceFit supports two devices – Essl X990 , Essl F22, Essl M160.

Do I have to fill all my past data on my own?

Not exactly. Once you opt for our subscription packages, you can simply share with us your previous data in excel file format. Using this, our team of account managers will import it to the AdviceFit software for you. However, the day to day data such as information about new members, their payment details among many other things has to be included by you when you use the fitness software.

Is my data safe when using the software?

AdviceFit is committed to provide its customers with the highest security of the highest level when it comes to data that is why our software is protected using HTTPS.

Where is the data stored in AdviceFit Software?

All the data and information from AdviceFit software is saved on the cloud servers hosted on Amazon Web Services, and is encrypted with the help of securely managed encryption keys.

Who all can access my information and data?

Only you can access your data and account-related information. When opting for AdviceFit software, we provide you with the role-based access control so that you can give restricted access to some of your staff members.

How much time does it take to customize the product?

Customization requests are firstly assessed by our team members. It totally depends on our product management team to decide if the customization can be included or not.

Will AdviceFit send payment reminders to my members?

Yes, AdviceFit does so. Your members will get SMS and email reminders firstly on the 10th day, then 7th day and then on the same day in advance before the expiration of their subscription. Apart from this, all these payment reminders are easily configurable.

How AdviceFit helps in generating more leads?

AdviceFit is powered by AdviceFit Wellness which is one of the biggest fitness discovery platforms in India and online marketplaces. As soon as you become a part of AdviceFit, we automatically list your gym on our platform. This helps you in marketing your fitness brand to an our community of 5,00,000+ active fitness users. Plus, you get paid immediately when someone booked your package on AdviceFit Wellness.

How can I track attendance?

There are multiple ways attendance can be tracked using AdviceFit, the most secure being a biometric device integrated with the software, attendance for each member can be marked manually. All your attendance data is synched with the software.

Can I track personal training sessions?

Yes, AdviceFit is designed to digitise your personal training business & save your time. You can easily track personal training sessions and track your member’s progress & achievements.

How AdviceFit helps in tracking my employee performance?

In AdviceFit’s reports section, you can find employee performance reports. This particular tab highlights the performance metrics of your employees like the number of leads generated by them, conversions by each staff member and the total revenue generated by them individually.

What are transactional and promotional SMSs?

Transactional SMSs are such messages that the AdviceFit software sends out automatically, such as session confirmations, renewal reminders and purchase confirmations among numerous other things through AdviceFit gym management software. On the other side, promotional SMSs are messages which you send to promote your gym or fitness club to customers, such as telling your customers about new offers, discounts offered or the latest events.

Can we transfer the entire data from our previous software to AdviceFit?

Yes. We can help you to upload your previous data into AdviceFit software. For that, you will have to take out the data from the previous software and share it with us in excel files.

How is AdviceFit different from any other software?

AdviceFit has been developed specifically to cater the requirements of the fitness industry. We have tried to give special emphasis on providing ease of use to gym owners and developing such features that can add value to your fitness businesses.