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6 Myths about a Fitness Club Software

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
6 Myths about a Fitness Club Software

In today‘s time, almost every gym and fitness center requires a gym management software to boost up the sales which in turn increases revenue. There are a lot of benefits of gym management software/fitness club software like increasing membership, a lower rate of membership drops, better customer management and a lot more. However, many gym owners still under the impression of not finding it productive and find themselves hesitant to buy it. There are certain reasons which come in their mind when they think to buy gym management software.  In this article, you will come to know several questions, doubts or myths regarding buying a gym management software and the actual answer for it.

1. Difficult to Implement:

In today‘s digital era, there are a lot of outdated softwares which are complicated to implement. Hence, one of the most common misconceptions is that gym management softwares are very hard and strenuous to implement. But contrary to the belief, gym management software is very easy to use. For instance, gym software like AdviceFit is designed in such a way that the owner, as well as the user, can understand it easily which makes it worthwhile to implement.

2. Gym Softwares are only for institutional chains:

Many medium-size gym owners think that gym management softwares are only for big gym owners who are running chains of gyms. Be it a small gym or a top of the class fitness center. The usability and need of gym management software are the same for both of them. Unlike most of the available gym management software, AdviceFit provides the same level of services and support for all.

3. Difficult to Learn:

For a non-techie person, it may be difficult initially to understand the platform completely. But even now gym management softwares are designed with a focus on its non-techie users and are very user-friendly.

4. Complete automation and automatic revenue growth:

Through no software one can achieve complete automation removing the need for human interaction. Gym Management software is an aid which helps us to manage our work in a better way which ultimately leads to the growth of the business. In this case, closing more and less drop of existing members.

5. Makes work complex:

Learning new techniques and automation processes is a time taking endeavor, but if done correctly it would lead to multiple business benefits. Think about the last time when you have to learn a new tool. It must have been strenuous at first but the advantages and benefits of it, when you mastered it must have been plenty. Same goes for gym owners, AdviceFit is made using state of the art technologies. It has been keeping in mind the usability by the end-user thus making it a perfect club management software to use. 

6. Management softwares are expensive:

Majority of our clients who have been constantly using AdviceFit to manage their gym has experienced an increase of 10% in the overall member addition monthly. Same can be said of the monthly member drop rate, by engaging the members with constant followups, payment reminders, and promotions you can engage with them more which ultimately leads to the decrease of member drop rate of about 5-10%. If used effectively, it has been observed that the usage of the software for 3 months would lead to more member addition and less member drop and the money invested in the software services can be recovered in the time frame of about 3-5 months.    AdviceFit, a fitness club software contains features that can boost up your gym business to a great extent. Apart from being easy to learn, its user interface really captivates the users which also increases the brand value of your business.