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Proper Hydration and its importance

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Proper Hydration and its importance

Proper hydration is a vital part of our everyday lives. Being well hydrated is imperative for the overall functioning of our body organs. As a matter of fact, our body is made up of mostly water. Thus, the importance of drinking an adequate amount of water in human lives is just cant be underrated. When it comes to Fitness business and clients health and fitness, proper workout training, adequate rest and specifically designed nutrition plan are generally considered as major focal points. However, in addition to the above factors, hydration plays a major role in getting optimal performance results and overall well-being. Awareness is the greatest agent of change. It is much of responsibility of every fitness facility managers, owners and trainers to make their members and clients aware of the benefits of drinking water or hydration. No wonder that adequate water intake is critical to various essential factors  that can majorly impact humans overall health:  

Proper Hydration boosts performance while exercising

During the one hour period of intense exercise, your body can lose enough water to make you feel dehydrated. Thus, it definitely calls of appreciating and taking more water breaks while exercising. When it comes to work-out even mild to moderate dehydration can bring a negative impact on your performance. Proper hydration helps in building muscles. It helps them to work longer and harder without getting you much tired.  

Proper hydration helps in weight loss

Water helps in delaying the feeling of hunger, so you dont eat much. Managing food craving could be a challenging task for food lovers. Here, drinking more water or proper hydration comes as a savior for your hunger pangs. Furthermore, adequate water intake helps in preventing fluid retention and thus, helps your body to stay in shape. Additionally, multiple studies have concluded that drinking water empty stomach and one hour before meals helps in increasing your metabolism. Which surely impacts your weight loss journey in a positive way.  

Proper hydration is good for your joints

Water has an amazing ability to lubricate your joints. In order to make painless and smooth movements, joints need moisture. Moisture enhances its flexibility and makes joints stronger. Long term dehydration, can reduce shock absorbing ability of joints and thus can lead to pain. Opting for water instead of sweetened drinks, soda or alcohol, can cut the list of your weight loss mistakes while keeping your joints strong and healthy.  

Water helps in regulating body temperature

Water helps in regulating body temperature and keeping it cool when exposed to extreme temperatures. Having adequate water may reduce physical strain due to heat stress occurrence while exercising. However, more research is required for better insight into these effects.  

Better brain functioning

As your brain is mostly water, proper hydration helps you in a number of ways, including:  

In addition to offering the best fitness-related services to clients and members. Fitness club facility should leave their club management software needs to AdviceFit and follow the hydration protocol.

Proper Hydration is imperative for optimal performance yet easy to be overlooked. Thus, to help clients to improve performance and achieve goals, adequate hydration needs to be a topic of promotion and awareness among their clients and members. One must remember that water is imperative for every single cell, organ and tissue of the human body.