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Six weight loss mistakes you must correct

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Six weight loss mistakes you must correct

We understand that its not easy to break old habits. However, the below-mentioned weight loss mistakes can really hinder your fitness goals and weight loss journey. Thus, it is imperative to change these habits as early as possible.  

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast indeed is the most important meal of the day. No matter how busy your schedule is, one must give a second thought to ditch this bad habit of skipping breakfast. As per the various studies, it is pretty clear that skipping breakfast is more likely to make you prone to various health issues. Amongst many weight loss mistakes, skipping breakfast greatly impacts brain activity. It is confirmed through research and experiment conducted by Ryuta Kawashima, professor, Tohoku University and Otsuka pharmaceutical research institute. The study showed that nutritionally balanced meals are imperative for maintaining high brain activity. Even if you have a number of excuses to skip breakfast, make sure you dont skip one. A well-balanced breakfast is a must to add-on to the energy you need to tackle your day.  

Not sleeping enough

If your sleep is not adequate, you are more likely to eat more. Not sleeping enough is simply an add-on to your weight loss mistakes list. As per the studies and research, lack of sleep has shown disruption in the appetite hormone (Ghrelin) levels which can lead to making you feel more hungry and provokes binge eating. So it‘s time to break this bad habit of not having adequate sleep and remove this reason for not losing weight struggle.  

Eating too less

Your weight loss efforts will all go in vain if your focus misses this fundamental aspect of weight loss that is foundational diet. Inclusion of more vegetables, whole foods, fresh fruits helps in improving your overall health. They play a major role in regulating your appetite. To add-on, these foods are loaded with enough nutrients to keep you full and energetic. Intake of calories do matter but make sure to check on your sugar and refined grains levels; which means there should be a balance between quality food intake as well as its measure. Not having an adequate level of food slows down your metabolic rate. Thus, opt for the right diet that keeps you full and satisfied.  

Not eating healthy fats

Most people are under the impression of this false notion that eating fats automatically results in weight gain. Thanks to various studies which have proven that healthy fats are actually an essential part of a balanced diet and extremely important for our body. In fact, healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, fox-nuts are a great snack option for your binge eating habits. But always remember, you should know the limit even if it is a healthy fat or a healthy food option.  

Not drinking enough water

Our body is made up of mostly water. The importance of drinking an adequate amount of water in human lives is simply cant be underrated. It is an essence of life. Most of the people often confused dehydration as hunger. Being well hydrated is imperative for the overall functioning of our body organs. Furthermore, when it comes to anti-ageing, drinking adequate water is one of the most important to lower the ageing effects on your skin as well as body. Thus, to cut your calorie consumption, drinking water before meals may also raise the number the calories you burn out.   Now think of a fitness management application that takes care of your nutritional intake and keeps a check on your eating pattern. Wouldnt it be great to have some rewards? or gamified interactive feature that makes sure that youre on the right track to meet your fitness goals. Introducing AdviceFIT, were an online SAAS based fitness management solution. We offer digital solutions to the owner as well as the members to rightly track and manage their day-to-day activities.