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Benefits of Text Messaging / Text marketing for Health Clubs

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Benefits of Text Messaging / Text marketing for Health Clubs

The most influential businesses have been using SMS Text Messaging for years. Is your health club business is one of them?

  Even if your fitness club is super fancy and possesses all the modernistic equipment, without relevant advertising, you wont get results for your bottom-line. To begin with, as a fitness club owner it is imperative to find out ways to reach the maximum number of customers while supporting your current fitness club members. One of the best ways to reach them is through SMS text messaging/ text marketing. Furthermore, In todays world, mobile phones are the mainstay of everyones life. As a matter of fact, people rarely keep their phones out or their sight. Their habit of using cell phones can be a benefit in disguise for your health club. Your SMS text messaging campaigns can be received easily and quickly on the devices they are stick to.  

Leverage the power of SMS text messaging for your fitness club in the following ways:

  • The welcome SMS text messaging alert for new members
  • Text marketing for new health club classes and programs
  • Anniversary / Birthday SMS alerts
  • Bringing back old members
  • Attendance alerts
  • Renewal reminders
  • Schedule reminders
  • Late payment alerts
  • Appreciation messages / promos/ discount coupons
  Below mentioned are the benefits of SMS text messaging for health clubs:  

Text messaging, an easy way to build a customer relation

Building customer relationships requires a lot of effort. However, text messaging allows you to reach them when they are constantly on the go. Furthermore, It allows sending personalized messages as per the customers interests and goals. It is an effective way to stimulate prospects and less active customers to opt for a membership.  

Text messaging saves time

Unlike calling members at the same time to confirm appointments, sending bulk text message helps in saving time and organize schedules more efficiently. In comparison to using infographics and catchy subject lines for traditional campaigns, a simple relevant text message is good to go. In contrast to reading long emails, members are more likely to open and read text messages. Thus, As per the various researches, texting has the highest engagement rate. ¬†  

An easy way to send renewal and payment reminders

Through AdviceFit bulk SMS marketing, you can send reminders to members who may have forgotten about membership renewal.  

Convenient to use - automated text marketing

The AdviceFit text messaging tool is convenient for club members as well as club owners. Members will be able to read and receive simple, short, easy to read SMS directly on their smartphones. To add on, members will be able to take advantage of great offers from your club simply by replying or showing the message to your staff to claim the offers, promo code/coupon.  

Get started with AdviceFit Text messaging service

Hopefully, by now you can understand that if you want to reach a large number of members and target prospects; you need to reach them through their phones. Hence, it makes it possible to reach your customers in the most natural and immediate manner. So, what are you waiting for? Through AdviceFit gym management software, you can send bulk SMS to your members in the most effective way. To conclude, it is an easy solution for your text marketing requirement and complete software for all your Club management requirements.