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Be Fearless To Break Free

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Be Fearless To Break Free

Every day brings us an opportunity to know ourselves better and to work in the direction which we planned to work in. But gods plan might not always match yours and the turn you made considering it a straight road might be a U-turn. Thinking about becoming fearless and break free is not the idea youll come up with. This arouses fear and doubt in yourself, decision, and plan. As you are so occupied with being adult along with phobias and fear. It will be impossible for you to be adventurous by taking a different turn of what you decided.

                                            Adults are, like, this mess of sadness and phobias.
Its high time to be fearless and break free:

Work Everyday

There is nothing that turns you into an overnight success or makes you a fearless person. The only one who can turn you into anything is you. For which you have to work daily on yourself, we know its difficult to do exercise daily but doing it every day makes it easy. Likewise, you need to go deep inside yourself to find the trouble that can be fixed. As there are no quick fixes. Also Read: How to Stay Fit While Working from Home?

One By One

Once you have found the terror which is troubling you, talk about it. Starting with telling your self out loud that this fear is taking over me and troubling me but Ill fix it. Acknowledge it your own so that it can be dealt with. Start with fear number one, go ahead, make a list of all the fears you want to break free from.

The Cost

Keeping the fear only makes it bigger and the cost you pay in your life is even bigger than that. You need to fight against the terror with all your mind and heart to be free. Every day you pay the cost of ignoring your fear, why not hunt it down and be stark.

The Stark

The fight against your fear tells you how small the issue was and how stark you always were. With which you can reclaim your power of being a powerful, aware, and free person.

A Try

You need to make a start by trying. Unless and until you try you wont understand the situation and the fear. Forex- you have a stage fear, so to demolish this fear you have to stand on the stage and face the people in front to reclaim your power.
                                    Success comes before work only in the dictionary.
We know thats the fear but facing it once will be acknowledging, talking about it will make it have less power, and finally doing that activity will tell you how it eventually feels. Go and stand on the stage once, it doesnt work give it another try, still, its there than another. You have to keep fighting against the fear till its gone. Also Read: Meditation a Miracle in Times of COVID-19

The Fearless Spark

By winning over your fear, youll feel a spark of being fearless, the spark of break free. Dont forget to use this spark in the right way and with the right energy. Let the spark be there in you by working for it for you.