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Beat the Heat With These Summer Foods

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Beat the Heat With These Summer Foods

The scorching heat of the summer has already started taking a toll on all of us. With temperature touching more than 40 every other day, it has become unbearable for all to keep ourself cool during this hour of need. Fatigue and heat strokes have become a common phenomenon due amidst the hot and dry summer winds blowing throughout the day. We cannot avoid stepping out of our homes due to raging heat but the best that we can do is to keep ourselves hydrated and have the right amount of food. So, in this post from AdviceFit, we will share how you can beat the heat with these summer foods. Also Read: Things you should avoid right after taking a meal


Nimbu paani or shikanji is nothing but a gods blessings for us. It is one of the best ways to beat the heat during this summer season. Lemonade water is not only the quickest home-made remedy but it will also activate your taste buds with its wonderful taste. It helps the body to keep it hydrated and also has numerous health benefits, one of them being regulating the body temperature. If you ever feel lethargic due to unbearable heat, you only need a chilled glass of nimbu paani to fill you with a lot of energy.


How can anyone forget to mention curd while talking about who one can beat the heat with these summer foods? Curd is just the best thing you can have this summer season to cold down your stomach-related problems that usually arise due to bearing extreme heat. Make a glass of sweet or salty lassi or eat it right after having your lunch, but it one of the best things that you can add while fighting against the heat waves.


If you are someone who wants to reap the maximum benefits without putting many efforts, cucumber is the right choice for you. They come with high water content and have many essential nutrients, such as folic acid, fibres, Vitamin A and C among many others. And the best part is, you can eat it raw or make raita and salad while having your daily meal. Also Read: Be fearless to break free

Coconut Water

Do you know coconut water has anti-ageing and cancer-fighting properties in it? Well, if you dont, we would like to tell you that you do not just beat the heat with these summer foods, but you also halt your ageing process to a great extent. It is filled with sugar, essential minerals and electrolytes that help your body to replenish all the minerals that the body loses after excessive sweating.