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Fitness Myths that Everyone Should Stop Believing

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Fitness Myths that Everyone Should Stop Believing

Nothing could be more dangerous than living your life in a myth. Those who are obsessed with their health leave no advice unheard to get a physique which they can flaunt without giving a damn if it has a concrete logic behind it or not. There are hundreds out there with their own opinion on what and how you should exercise at the gym. One of the biggest reasons why people believe in these misconceptions is that once they were popular ideas and many accepted them as facts. The reason could be any but these myths are a sure shot way to that will lead your fitness journey towards disaster. So, read this post to know some of the biggest fitness myths that everyone should stop believing. Also Read: 3 Exercises If You Are New to the Gym

Diet Doesnt Matter

Yes, this may sound a bit silly to all of us but there are many who take this myth very seriously. Exercise and diet are two totally different aspects of staying fit. How fit you look from outside can never define if you are also fit from inside or not. So, this is one of those fitness myths that everyone should stop believing right away. Exercise is just a way to shape your body and target the desired muscle areas. On the other side, diet is something that helps your muscles to grow and cope up with the calorie loss occurred at the time of exercise. Unhealthy diet alongside heavy bodybuilding may give you results for a short duration of time but in a longer run, it will surely impact your fitness.

Longer Workout Gives Better Results

One of the biggest fitness myths that everyone should stop believing is longer workout gives better results. You can easily find many who spend hours lifting those heavy weights but couldnt reap the desired results. Do you actually know the reason behind it? Well, it is not the duration that will help you in reaching a physique you are craving for but the quality of your workout that will compliment your efforts. Doing exercise with weights heavier than required or spending more time in the gym doesnt matter at all. In fact, it is the form which matters the most. Also Read: 4 Gym Precautions to Take Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

More Sweating Means More Weight Loss

It is a pretty common misconception among masses that more you sweat during exercise, more you will lose bodyweight. We actually wish this fact to be true but the problem is it is also one of those fitness myths that everyone should stop believing. There are numerous reasons that we sweat and it totally depends on the environment, your body type and biggest of them all is how comfortable are you with your daily gym regime. Sweating is a natural phenomenon that happened when your body gets overheated. If you go for a job on a hot humid day doesnt mean you will burn more calories, it simply means that you will burn more water content in the body.