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How does Exercise Help in Combating Type 2 Diabetes?

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
How does Exercise Help in Combating Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world right now. As per the reports, more than 463 million adults are suffering from type 2 diabetes all over the planet. Out of this, 77 million patients belong to India. Thanks to slothful lifestyle and poor diet that not just adults but children, young adults and adolescents are also coming under its grip these days. The figures are alarming, and this is the time when people should think about doing some sort of physical activity. So, read in this post that how does exercise help in combating type 2 diabetes. Also Read: Cardio exercises at home for a healthy heart

How Exercise Lower Blood Sugar Level?

One of the best ways through which exercise help in combating type 2 diabetes is by lowering the blood sugar level. When people engage themselves in physical activities, it increases insulin sensitivity. Due to this, the cells get into a better position to use the body insulin to absorb the sugar content available in the bloodstream. Other than that, exercise stimulates a mechanism in the body that activate body muscles to use and absorb this sugar for energy without using insulin. This ultimately results in lowering blood sugar and A1C level. 

3 Exercise to Combat Type 2 Diabetes 


One of the best parts about walking costs nothing. You dont have to pay for those fancy gym subscriptions nor you need equipment to combat diabetes. All that you require is a pair of sports shoes and space to walk. Experts say, 30 minutes of a brisk walk for at least five times a week results in weight loss and lower blood sugar. Also Read: Why it is better to exercise together in a group?


It is a proven fact that exercise help in combating type 2 diabetes and one of them is swimming. Aquatic exercises are not just good for your blood sugar but can also good for your heart and help in relieving joint pain. Exercises, such as aqua jogging, swimming, water aerobics and other activities are a perfect way to combat type 2 diabetes.


If lifting weight is what moves you, weightlifting can become your perfect partner in fighting against type 2 diabetes. It causes the muscles to grow and control blood sugar levels. You dont actually need to visit a gym just to do some weightlifting. You can simply use household objects ranging from water bottles to heavy bricks to that. This way exercise help in combating type 2 diabetes.