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How fitness gadgets and their integration in mobile apps is reshaping the fitness ecospace?

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
How fitness gadgets and their integration in mobile apps is reshaping the fitness ecospace?

The fitness sector has become one of the fastest-growing sectors implementing information technology. These smart devices can be integrated with mobile phones which provides health insights via mobile applications. These fitness gadgets and mobile application can help you to be fit, stay in shape and keep a check on your activities.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these gadgets and health monitoring applications are a must-have to evaluate your health progress. 

How these fitness gadgets and applications help the user?

The fitness market is now flooded with a lot of numerous different gadgets especially fitness bands or smartwatches which contributes major portion of it. These smart devices are more effective as the sensors in built-in them continuously monitor your health parameters. Whether you are sleeping or walking they are always tied to your wrist. From counting the number of steps to monitoring your sleep, these smart devices are beneficial in many ways. Let‘s know in detail how these technical gadgets help us in staying fit:
  1. Integration of devices with mobile apps:
The integration of these devices with mobile applications gives better visual representation and shows our health insights by performing analytical analysis using algorithms derived to process the progress in for health parameters. Clearly, analyzing your health on a mobile screen is much comfortable than seeing it on a watch. The application is developed using certain algorithms, analytical codes, so it performs the analysis from the data tracked by the sensor and gives you the exact parameters of your health.        2. 24 * 7 activity monitor: A fitness band is a device that you can wear 24* 7 without any hassle. The sensors of these devices are closely in touch with your wrist veins. By this continuous interaction, the application gets data. Then the app processed the data using its queries, & codes. After the complete processing, the app provides you with a perfect representation of your health parameters that you can understand easily on your screen. Hence, it keeps tracks of all health parameters from the number of calories burnt to measure your pulses.      3. AI/ML- powered health insights: AI & ML powered smart devices can assist in maintaining your health. Advanced sensors in the devices tracks and then AI analyzes the data. AI & ML thus improve fitness or sport-specific activities of users by generating real-time user insights. It also defines what the user needs to eat, how much they should sleep, and how they should train to improve their fitness among other insights. For e.g. when you sleep, the sensors are continuously sending the data to the app such as your pulses, heartbeats and then the app analyzes that whether you get sound sleep or not. These features of AI/ML gives you best health insights.        4. Achieve your goals: These applications have workouts, tips, and realistic goals you can set for yourself. Suppose your goal is to achieve a certain weight, then these fitness apps let you know activity levels, noticing whether youre in the correct heart rate zone and comparing with your weight on the scale after a few weeks can determine whether or not youre on the right track to your desired weight.    5. Community-based fitness development As social media is also popular among youth, fitness apps have also started to integrate features of linking with social networking sites like Facebook. This helps us to connect with friends on social media who are having the same fitness goals. This, in turn, helps in building an inspiring yet motivated community of health lovers competing with each other and striving for better fitness.