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How Mind-Muscle Connection Helps in bodybuilding?

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
How Mind-Muscle Connection Helps in bodybuilding?

Being a fitness enthusiast, have you ever heard about mind-muscle connection? Bodybuilding is not just limited to gaining mass and staying fit. In fact, there is a lot more into it which no one even bothers to know, the mind-muscle connection is one of them. In this post, we will discuss how mind-muscle connection helps in bodybuilding. There are many gym goers who struggle hard to grow their size no matter how hard they train. Weight training is always associated with muscles only but people tend to forget about the psychological effect it has. A sound mind-muscle connection can have a great impact when you are in the quest to achieve your fitness goals. But, before we begin lets know what is mind-muscle connection. Also Read: High-protein vegetarian foods for bodybuilders

What is Mind-Muscle Connection?

The mind-muscle connection means that your mind is mentally connected with your body. It is a connection which shows how the mind reacts while you perform physical activities. Many of you have noticed that while doing a heavy-weight exercise at the gym, you feel the heat at other locations rather than the feeling the heat for which you lifted the weight. The mind-muscle connection is of great help in hitting the target muscle. 

Ways to Improve Mind-Muscle Connection?

There are several ways to improve mind-muscle connection, a few of them are listed below:

Warm-up Before You Start

Jumping on the days exercise without doing any warmup is one of the most common things which people do when they reach the gym. Your body needs time to warm up for the harder exercises you are going to do for the day. The best you should do is to do stretching to warm up the muscles and joints. It does not just save you from injuries but also helps in blood circulation to the muscles. Also Read: Why walking is good for your heart?

Slow Down the Movement

Mind-muscle connection helps in bodybuilding in many ways. We have seen people in a hurry while finishing their last few reps. However, it is not the number of reps but the quality with which you are completing the exercise. So, if someone wants to establish a mind-muscle connection, they should immediately slow down the rep movement. The golden rule is,

Dont train the muscle, be the muscle.