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How to Stay Fit at the Age of 40?

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
How to Stay Fit at the Age of 40?

We all have heard a proverb,

Age is just a number.

Is it really true? Well, for those who are fit from inside out, it is true but for those who have to deal with the ageing issues, it is just a proverb. Many find exercise as a remedy to deal with the and health-related issues. Of course, it is not a sure shot solution or else no one in this world would have got old. But, there are numerous evidences which prove that exercising can delay the ageing process to a great extent. Doing some sort of physical activity can improve the life expectancy by increasing the immunity which many loses every year as soon as they turn 40. So, here is a list of few exercises as to how to stay fit at the age of 40. Also Read: 3 Exercise if You Are New to the Gym

For a Good Heart

Cardiac arrest is one of the most common health issues that most of us in India are dealing with. Cardiovascular disease constitutes about 25% of the total mortality rate that we have across the entire country. Exercising is one of the best things that you can do to keep your heart healthy and to stay fit at the age of 40. Be it running, dancing or swimming, but it is always advisable to do at least 150 minutes cardio exercise a week to keep your heart in a good condition. Other than that, it is quite important to sweat out during your cardio session to put let your heart rate maximum during that time. 

To Fight Arthritis 

Arthritis is a common condition and chances of its development increase manifolds with the increase in age. You may also become its victim if you are overweight or have previously suffered a serious joint injury. So, what you really need to do to stay fit at the age of 40? Well, the best way to keep aches and pains at bay is to do regular strength training. There are many studies which show that strength training minimises the effect of arthritis pain and keeps you safe in the first place itself. And the fact is, you dont need to spend hours to lift those weights. In fact, doing deadlift, squats or overhead press is more than enough to provide much-needed strength to your joints and to keep you stay fit at the age of 40. Also Read: Cardio Exercises at Home for a Healthy Heart

To Take on Depression

Well, there is no age for depression but it is prone to those who are getting aged with time. And 40 is the age from where the things start getting worse. So, it is just best to opt for exercise to stay fit at the age of 40. Well, any form of exercise, including weight lifting or cardio can ward off issues like anxiety and depression but yoga is something which has already shown tremendous improvements in lifting your mood and reduce stress.