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How Trekking Helps in Improving Fitness?

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
How Trekking Helps in Improving Fitness?

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. Arnold Schwarzenegger Are you one of those fitness aficionados who has joined a fitness centre but is bore of going to the same place again and again? We know how boring it could get for anyone to think of lifting those weights after spending the entire day on a work desk. But, have you ever thought to try trekking to stay fit? Well, if you havent, then it is time now when you should break the wheel of monotony and attempt something that not just adds to your fitness but also sound challenging. No. We are not saying this for the sake of just saying. If you are not convinced by our statement that trekking helps in improving fitness then read these 4 benefits from AdviceFit.

Trekking helps in improving fitness by Building Strong Bones

Trekking helps in improving fitness by putting extra pressure on the body muscles as well as on bones as it involves stretching of arms and legs, climbing different verticals, jumping and dodging from one place to other. You may not realise but you exercise while doing these activities which ultimately builds stronger bones. Apart from this, you carry added burden of backpack which has all the essentials, such as clothes, first-aid kits, water bottles and even equipment for camping. All these things together put pressure on your spine and shoulders and helps in improving your bone density. Also Read: 3 TIPS TO STICK TO FITNESS RESOLUTION THIS NEW YEAR

Trekking helps in improving fitness by Boosting Your Mood

Amidst the citys cacophony, just move your sight around. What do you see? We are pretty sure that you can easily figure out people dealing with their untimely health issues and stress that could be seen clearly from their faces. This is why trekking is one of the best mood boosters you can ever find. When you trek, your body releases happy hormones, such as morphine and endorphin which are manufactured in many different areas of your brain. Also, when you do trekking away from city life in a lush surrounding, you come a step closer to the mother nature and begin experience calmness and inner tranquillity which greatly helps in boosting your mood. This way trekking helps in improving fitness. 

Trekking helps in improving fitness by Burning Calories

How many of you know that trekking helps in improving fitness by burning calories. Yes, you read it right. If you are someone who has tried everything to shed those extra kilograms, but most of your efforts are going in vain then you should think of going trekking once. When you trek, you climb, dodge and jump uncountable times. In fact, you sweat and burn a lot of calories while you are busy doing all this. Some researches have shown that 12 weeks of moderate trekking on regular time intervals can lower your body weight significantly. Trekking Helps in Improving Fitness if you do it at regular intervals.

Trekking helps in improving fitness by Improving Cardiovascular Health

Trekking helps in improving fitness as it immensely invigorates cardiovascular strength. When you are involved in trekking, your heart has to work harder than usual to meet the additional oxygen demand by the body. It increases the flow of the blood to the brain and muscles and improves the respiratory and circulatory system, and hence reduce chances of any cardiac stroke or respiratory disorder. Other than this, it helps in stabilising the triglycerides and cholesterol level. So, trekking helps in improving fitness. Trekking makes for a great exercise for health. It rejuvenates not just mind, body and soul but also improves your fitness to a great extent. So, what are you waiting for? Just pull your socks up, set your backpack and embark on a trip to the mountains this weekend as trekking helps in improving fitness to a great extent.