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Importance of Face Masks to Prevent Coronavirus

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Importance of Face Masks to Prevent Coronavirus

The world is fighting a battle against an unknown enemy. These words may sound harsh, but its true when it comes to containing the spread of coronavirus. There is very little that the research and world know about this virus. The fact is, doctors and medical teams are still far to come up with a proper medication for coronavirus. Some are treating it with medicines given to cure ordinary flu while some are advocating to use hydroxychloroquine, a drug given to patients suffering from malaria. Well, a proper medication would take months to come in the market but people are doing what they can best do, using face masks. So, in this post, we will discuss about the importance of face masks to prevent coronavirus. Also Read: Why walking is good for heart?

Should you Wear Face Masks?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the importance of face masks to prevent coronavirus has always remained a topic of discussion. Before 3 April 2020, the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that only those who are sick or caring those who are infected should wear face masks.  But with the announcement made by President Trump on 3 April, the scenario has changed completely. As per the experts, those who get the coronavirus can transmit it through coughs or sneezes for the next two days without showing any symptoms. So, the importance of face masks to prevent coronavirus cannot be ignored. By using a face mask, you are not protecting yourself but protecting others to get the virus. For this, we dont recommend to use a surgical or N95 mask. In fact, a normal homemade mask is more than enough to limit its spread.

Dont Ignore Other Measures

You have a mask and you are using it when going to buy groceries, vegetables or in public areas. So, are you done here or have you played your role to contain the virus? No. There is a lot of importance of face masks to prevent coronavirus, but you should always take care of the other measures as suggested by the government and health care departments.  Social distancing is one of the biggest keys when it comes to controlling the spread of COVID-19. Maintaining a distance of 6 feet or 1 meter between one another is the best way to avoid passing the virus and avoid catching it from someone else. Apart from this, one should not forget to avoid touching the face. There are strong chances that you will get the virus when you have touched surfaces with coronavirus on it. So, when you touch your face you are assisting the virus to enter your body through the mouth, nose, etc.  Also Read: How to stay fit while working from home? The importance of face masks to prevent coronavirus is successful to a great extent. But, it is always recommended not just to wash your hands but everything that you purchase from the market to combat the spread of this virus.