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Importance of Neck Position in Weight Training

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Importance of Neck Position in Weight Training

Staying fit should be one of the ultimate goals of life. You can be a proud owner of a business spanned all across the globe. You can have private jets, yachts and all the luxuries that rest of the world can only think of. But, you can never enjoy a meal in a five-star hotel if your back is aching. You can never enjoy a rollercoaster ride if you are overweight. So, hitting the gym is the best thing that you can do to yourself. When we exercise, we always give utmost importance to the moments of exercises but did we ever thought of our neck position? Did we ever think of the importance of neck position in weight training? Never. It is among the last things that we think about.  Also Read: 5 Reasons why everyone should strength train?  We all sit for hours in front of computers and laptops when in office. The same continues when we come back home as we cant miss using our beloved smartphones. Sitting idle for such a long duration can lead to a bad body posture. But, do you know we are so addicted to this posture that we even carry it when we begin with our sweat session. Listening to physical therapists, we get to know that they call it upper crossed syndrome. You must have come across people with round shoulders and overarched spine with their abdomen protruding. This is a result when someone drives, play games, sit in front of laptops or do anything that keeps you fixed in one position for hours. The problem arises when we get ourselves to the fitness centre for exercise and tend to stay and stand in the same position. We use to ignore the importance of neck position in weight training but it plays a crucial role.

Importance of Neck Position in Weight Training

  • If the neck and head are not properly aligned at the time exercising, the spine remains less stable.
  • The core in such cases is not able to get activated properly.
  • Bad neck position can lead to acute pain.
  • Greater risk of neck and low back injuries.
  • Using neck muscles to lift the weight can result in serious neck injuries.
  • Poor neck position in the gym results in poor body posture and this creates an everlasting cycle until you try to change it.
Also Read: How trekking helps in improving fitness? There is a lot of importance of neck position in weight training which we ignore. Talk with your trainer to know the right way to do an exercise for the best results.