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Is it Good to Workout Before Sleep?

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Is it Good to Workout Before Sleep?

Are you one of those people who love to do exercise while watching your favourite primetime show, go running around your society at 10 in the night or stretching your body after digesting your dinner? Well, if you are, have you ever thought is it good to workout before sleep or after having the last meal of the day? You know lifting weight is one of the best ways to keep you in shape and improve your sleep patterns. Both exercise and sleep complement each other. As per a report by Johns Hopkins Medicine, evening exercise, such as running, cycling, strength training, aerobic and cardio works wonderfully in getting deep and restful sleep. But, is it good to workout before sleep, lets find out in this post. IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

Raise Core Body Temperature

Workout before sleep may make it challenging to fall asleep. Actually, high-intensity exercise tends to increase the speeds up heart rate, stimulates the nervous system and raise core body temperature which results in interrupted sleep. Also Read: 4 ways to improve your immunity against coronavirus Increased core body temperature signals the body that it is its time to stay awake. It is a similar phenomenon when you try to sleep in a hot environment. Your body wants to rest, but the body does not allow it to fall sleep. There are many cases of insomnia patient who are affected due to the inability of their body to regulate temperature. Normally, our body takes 30 to 90 minutes to begin to cool down our core body temperature after exercise. However, it is not a case with everyone. There could be many people out there who can take more than that. Is it good to workout before sleep? No, because during high-intensity exercises, our body releases endorphins which keeps us awake and make it difficult to fall asleep.

What Should You Do?

Everyone has a different body type and different sleep patterns. Is it good to workout before sleep totally depends on the fact that whether if you get to sleep immediately or you take time. But, it is always advisable to exercise at least one to two hour so that your core body temperature comes to normal. Also, avoid using mobile phones or electronic gadgets right before getting on the bed. Instead, indulge yourself into reading or take a warm shower that can relax both your mind and body. Also Read: Beat the heat with these summer foods