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Keep up with the upcoming technology trends in the fitness industry

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Keep up with the upcoming technology trends in the fitness industry

Like any other industry, technology is playing a major role in the fitness industry. Almost every gym center, fitness clubs, and other institutions have started employing technical solutions to boost up their sales, automate manual processes and streamline activities to cope with the emerging competition. But technical solutions are not steady and they keep evolving so it essential to keep up the pace with the latest technology trends in the market along with having knowledge of the upcoming ones.  In this article, we have mentioned the upcoming technological solutions which will affect the fitness industry in an advantageous manner. Here are the 4 upcoming technical trends on which you have to focus:

1. Employing a Gym Management Software

Although a lot many gym centers have started using gym management software there still exists knowledge gaps because of the upgradation of new solutions or features. Today. even medium scale fitness centers are buying these softwares as the cost for these softwares are almost the same for a large scale or medium scale fitness center. For e.g. AdviceFit, A fitness Club software, that has a common license fee for a large as well as a medium-sized fitness center. 

2. ML & AI powering health insights

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology which is going to play a significant role in the fitness industry. These technologies can predict the future health of a member based on his daily activities and members can keep a check of their estimated progress.  Various wearables in the market which can track your fitness such as fitness watches, bands etc.would play a major role in providing these insights.  These devices can count blood pressure, heart rate, calories burnt, etc. The market of these devices is expected to reach $29 billion by 2022.

3. Marketing your service

In the current scenario, it is digital marketing which is majorly playing a vital role in spreading the brand value of your gym services. It includes content marketing, images, videos on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.    It includes advertisements, offers, social media posts which attract the users, thus assisting the fitness center to grow. Through digital marketing now fitness centers can showcase all their services and their USPs which would engage with their audiences. This will increase their customer reach whilst learning about their existing customers in real-time.

4. Integration with smart devices

Smart devices such as fitness wearable, watches, bands are growing at a compounding rate of 35%. As mentioned above, these devices can check your various health parameters with a great efficiency. These devices also include many other features such as alarm reminders, call disconnect features, etc Today the software applications are capable of integrating with the smart devices. They would integrate with the software and would provide real-time data of the member. This data would then be processed with the ML/AI algorithm which would then provide insights for health and progress.    AdviceFit, created with the best in class technology stack is capable of being accessed from all the digital devices. Be it mobile, tab or desktop. At AdviceFit we are working towards creating a platform which would allow all the individuals to make the best out of technology helping them in their physical as well as mental wellbeing.