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Meditation a Miracle in Times of COVID-19

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Meditation a Miracle in Times of COVID-19

During the current status, we are all locked inside our houses and are trying to patiently wait. Wait for the COVID-19 to end, to resume with our lives again, the wait has turned into months now. People around the world are finding it difficult to cope up with their sanity, mental stability, anxiety, and a lot more issues. In times like this meditation is the only miracle that can happen to us. We know this time turned us into lethargic beings and the only way out is through a window, window of meditation. Also read: Why walking is good for your heart?

"Man‘s five senses are like five doors opening on the external world, but more wonderful than these, he has a window inside himself, which opens on the unseen world."
Correctly Said by AL-GHAZALI, telling us about the only way out in the quarantine is meditation. Being at home with nothing to do we all can make our selves pious and enlightened by opening the window of meditation. Many may ask how? All you need, to be a miracle out of meditation is you, your own body.


Start with finding space in where, you can give time to your self, where you can be alone. As meditation is all about your journey. Find a ground of your own, can be on a bed, can be on a chair. Any imperfect ground you wish to turn into a perfect one.

Be You

Get comfortable and seated, sit upright with your spine straight. Feel strong and powerful as you made a change in your routine and dared to make a new start. Be the way you want to be and feel what you feel at that very moment.

Make Peace

Look around take a deep breath and close your eyes. Let your mind be free, don‘t try to control anything. Don‘t even force yourself to think about what‘s going inside, be at ease. Take deep breaths and feel the energy with each exhalation.

Let It Go

While mediating you can experience emotions that you never went through before, it can be of your past, any mishaps but whatever it brings let it flow and let it go. As it cleans you from inside to be of substance.

Duration Doesn‘t Matter

Meditating will not be about the duration, it will be about you and the journey you are making with it. It can be five minutes or fifty, it‘s totally up to you. Do not compare youself with any other being and be focus on establishing peace, starting with yourself through meditation. Also read: Quarantine will be a key to change
"You don‘t have to leave the world, you just have to forget it."
While you are enjoying yourself through meditation and with the inner journey of peace and cleaning. Don‘t get diverted with the outer world as miracles don‘t happen with chaos but chastity. Once you are completed with the cycle, you‘ll feel a shift in the body. Following the path of meditation daily can open new doors for you and helps you diminish stress, control anxiety, amplify self-awareness, increase attention span, generates kindness, improves sleep, control pain, and will lead to a beautiful miracle that‘s you.