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Quarantine Will Be a Key to Change

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Quarantine Will Be a Key to Change

The enforced lockdown and quarantine brought the world in a box. A box in which we have the vital necessities of survival. However, we all have more than the vital necessities which keep us entertained as well as alive. Still, do we have all that is needed to keep our minds stable and be at ease in quarantine? No. As a very less number of people have work from home and lesser are interested in working out especially at home. Leaving behind a huge number of people who are trying to find activities that kill time and not vice versa. Here are little movements that can help you develop a cramp less body and a stark mind. Also Read: Importance of face mask to prevent coronavirus

Make your Bed

Being in a quarantine gives you a lot of time to utilize it in a way you want. It‘s no hustle for you to sleep or wake up early, all you have to do is create a step in which you walk daily. After you wake up from the night‘s doze *make your own bed*. Adding this new movement will bring a change into your existing routine and will be a sign of starting your day well.

Lemonade Water

After you make your own bedhead towards hydration. This water is slightly different with a twist of lemon.  Treat yourself with a glass of lemonade water which in return will boost your mind with an optimistic approach for the day. 

Leisure Walk

With a hydrated body, you move towards taking your body not just for a walk but a stroll. Enjoy every step of your stroll. Leaving all negativity in the last step to making changes with the new one at home in quarantine. Keeping your mind empty you came a long way with the leisure walk.  Also Read: How to stay fit while working from home?

Soothing Sounds

Add a difference by making your mood calm, free, and relax with music. Give yourself a bit extra by indulging in sounds that will make you more productive and pious. With each beat move your feet a bit, give space to your inner child, and let her breathe. Sounds will make you more creative and will make your mind work faster than it usually does. All you have to take care of is the right sound.

Inhale and Exhale

Every activity that you do or have started doing for the first time in quarantine, do not forget to take deep breaths. Inhale love with every breath and exhale gratitude, with the surroundings around you turning into your sacred vibes.

Five Fingers Make a Fist

Five fingers make a fist, plus fingers which are formed with the above five activities make a stark one. Times like this (quarantine) can be difficult to cope up with. So, be easy on yourself and start with making your bed, lemonade water, strolling,  soothing sounds with deep breaths.  Also Read: Impact of drinking alcohol after a workout session