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SMART ways to get fit

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
SMART ways to get fit

Generally, one of the most common methods for joining a gym, yoga, aerobics or any other fitness center is by getting inspired by a movie or by any friend mesmerizing completely fit body. People watch a movie and immediately decide to join a gym from the next morning to get six-pack abs, biceps, arms, etc. However, this motivation lasts for a few days and they generally end up sweating within 2 weeks. With this approach not only the whole money amount gets wasted but it also reflects your lack of determination. Exercise and workout should be a regular habit like brushing your teeth. It keeps your immune system strong, makes you fit and healthy.   Now, what is the SMART approach? Let‘s know...

  • Setting up your Goal:

I want to get slim. This is the most common reason that we can hear from people for joining the gym. Getting slim is always recommended, but have you prepare a proper goal for it?. There can be a lot of methods to get a slim body, eating nutritional food, avoiding junk food, exercises, no lethargic lifestyle, etc. Then which method you are going to adopt? A proper goal should be like: "I will eat low-calorie food and do exercise regularly"  
  • Measure your Goal:

After setting the goal, in step1, your next focus should be on measuring the goal. If you want to get slim, check how many kgs is your weight now, and how many kgs you want to lose. If you want to get an attractive waist, then measure it in inches, and set a goal of how many inches you want. " Today, my waist is 38 inches and I want to make it 28 inches."  
  • Achievable Goal:

Your goal should be achievable in a possible manner. Suppose you are obese and want to get six-pack abs then you can‘t achieve six-pack abs without losing weight. It should be like: " I will go to the gym to lose weight then I will try to make six-pack abs".  
  • Relevancy of Goal:

Your goal should be relevant as per your body for e.g. if you are obese and made a goal of running 1 hour daily then it is irrelevant. It is harmful to an obese person to run for 1 hour. He can slowly walk and slow jogging.  
  • Time-constraint Goal:

There is no sense in setting up a goal without any time constraint. The goal should be like I want to lost 10kgs of weight within a month. It is achievable.   With this SMART approach, imagine a fitness management application which can take care of your goals on a daily basis. Plus there is a reward functionality and gamified interactive features which can track to check you for meeting your goals. AdviceFit, a fitness club software, is an online SAAS based fitness management solution. We offer digital bespoke solutions to the owner as well as the members to rightly track and manage their day-to-day activities.