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Top 5 Ways To Stay Cool During This Summer

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Top 5 Ways To Stay Cool During This Summer

The season of summer is enjoyed with mangoes but the wind which helps in the ripening of mangoes is hard to enjoy. Temperature reaching 50°c makes it unbearable to work and remain cool in summers. The blazing heat takes the fun element out of the body with increased dehydration and laziness. Making it even worse if one doesnt have the luxury of AC. Here are the top five ways to stay cool during this summer with or without luxuries, dont let yourself down with heat. Also Read: Eating In COVID-19 Will Uplift Mood and Immunity Top five ways to stay cool during this summer:

Be Hydrated 

Think of your body as an air conditioner and keep refilling it with H2O, especially after you exercise or work in the scorching heat. Avoid drinks which include sugar, caffeine, or alcohol as it plays a major role in dehydrating your body. You can enjoy your summer with other beverages rich with water, but dont forget to keep your bottle filled with plain water.

Hydrating Foods

Food rich in water is another accessible way to stay hydrated. Keep your meals filled with fruits and vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, green peppers, watermelon, peaches, iceberg lettuce, radishes, celery, strawberries, oranges, cauliflower, radishes, grapefruit broths, and soups. This will keep your meals light, healthy, and easy to digest.


Do not stop exercising because of heat, beat the heat by burning more calories. Try not to work-out in the sun, if one doesnt have any option then water sports are the best to switch to. It helps you stay cool and to be fit. Precooling techniques like having an iced drink for example- slushie or wrapping a cold cloth around your neck will help to keep body temperature normal in the heat.

Cool Nap

The sweltering summer can prevent you to have a good night‘s sleep. People without no access to AC can make their cool naps. With the Egyptian method of sleeping on a wet sheet or cloth and can use pillows like chillow to keep your head cool to get a proper nap.

Know About The Cooling Points

High temperatures can take your body temperature even higher and make you sick. To prevent the heat you can press ice or something cool on your cooling points like the back of your neck, wrist, inside of the elbows and knees and top of your feet and inside of your ankle. Being aware of the cooling points will help you cool yourself to the earliest. Also Read: Importance of Face Masks to Prevent Coronavirus There is no escape from the scorching heat but this doesnt mean we stop and wait for the red-hot summer to end. Follow these five ways which include what to eat till how to burn those calories by staying cool this summer. Without letting the temperature ruin your mood, work, routine, and sanity.