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Why Walking is Good for Your Heart?

SYSTEM / 29 Sep, 2022
Why Walking is Good for Your Heart?

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Are you one of those people who are not into exercise or any indulged in any sort of physical activity? Well, if you are not, it is time now when you should begin one. Not just the heart attack rate but the deaths due to cardiac arrests in India is also alarming as well. Even if you dont like to hit the gym and get yourself into shape, you should at least think of walking every day. Yes, walking is good for your heart. Do you know a 150-minute of brisk walk a week can give improve your health that you cannot even think of? In this post from AdviceFit, we are giving you 7 reasons that why walking is good for your heart.

Improve Blood Flow

Cardio-based physical activities, such as brisk walking enables your heart to results in improved blood flow through small vessels. It is that area of the heart where fatty deposits take place over time and is one of the biggest reasons for cardiac arrests. While you walk, the heart pumps more blood than normal and prevent heart attacks.  Also Read: Impact of drinking alcohol after workout session

Lower Blood Pressure

Every time a healthy heart beats, it pushes more blood which makes it function efficiently in a better way. This, in turn, decreases the stress on the heart and the arteries around it. This reduces the potential risk of blood pressure fluctuation. If you are someone who has low blood pressure issues, cardiovascular exercise may prevent it. If you dont have low blood pressure problems, this physical exercise may help you in controlling it.

Lower Cholesterol

Walking is good for your heart in many ways and one of them is, it lowers bad cholesterol. There are many studies available which show that brisk walk improves the level of cholesterol. Regular walking can result in increasing level of healthy HDL cholesterol and lowers bad LDL cholesterol up to 10%. Also Read: 5 Reasons why everyone should strength train?

Decrease Risk of Heart disease and Diabetes

As per a report, India has 77 million diabetic patients and stand at the second position in the world after China. Brisk walking is good for your heart and diabetes as well. Studies show that those who walk and exercise regularly have as much as 29 per cent for women and 21 per cent for men lower risk of coronary heart disease. Walking also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels lowers the chances of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.